Meet Mrs. Solis

Hello Ridgeview Families!


My name is Mrs. Solis and the 2021-2022 school year will be my 24th year as a School Counselor!  It is my 5th year at Ridgeview and I am looking forward to being part of your child's learning!  I live in Liberty with my husband and have two wonderful stepchildren.  When I'm not at school, I enjoy doing just about anything art- or craft-related such as pottery, weaving, drawing and woodblock printing.  I also love  traveling, gardening and cooking with my husband. 


I invite you to read about the School Counseling Program and about my role.  Take a look at some of the helpful links for parents/guardians and kids too. We truly are a school family at Ridgeview which means that we are "in it" together.  Please do not hesitate to call, e-mail or stop by anytime.   

Wishing you well!


(816) 736-5450  x7003


Counselor Referrals - Frequently Asked Questions


Should I be concerned if my child comes home and says that he/she has visited with the school counselor?

There is no need to worry.  Each month, I spend time in classrooms to teach lessons that promote social and emotional health and well-being.  The kids and I get to know each other during these visits.  Working with their teacher, I do my best to make Ridgeview a safe and comfortable place for them to grow and learn.  Usually kids visit with me for things such as needing help to solve a conflict with peer, handling a big feeling, wanting to eat lunch together or sharing something special about an experience they've had.  I encourage students to share with their parents when and why we met.  If there is an on-going issue or major concern, I always contact parents.

Who refers students and what are some reasons why a student might want to talk with the school counselors?

Sometimes kids will refer themselves by filling out a counselor self-referral form or by asking their teacher.  Sometimes teachers or parents ask me to visit with a student when there is a concern or if a student needs to talk.  There are many reasons why a student may want to talk with me: conflicts with peers at recess or in the classroom, changes within the the dynamics of their family, having strong feelings and wanting a quiet place to talk and calm down, and so many others.  Again, I always contact parents if there is an on-going issue or major concern. 


Here are some reasons why a teacher or administrator might refer a student to see me:  

  • to help students develop skills in areas such as making friends, gaining more confidence or problem-solving,

  • a noticed change in a student's behavior (e.g. more easily distracted, more tired or distant, more agitated), 

  • to learn and practice self-calming skills 

  • when there are concerns with a student's attendance

  • when a student is having difficulty concentrating or learning


Parents/Guardians, please consider contacting me if:

  • there are changes in the dynamics of your family (e.g. divorce, birth of a sibling).

  • a loved one dies (including a pet)

  • there are noticeable changes in your child's behavior, sleep habits, eating habits, or play (e.g. more aggressive play)

  • your child becomes anxious or fearful for unknown reasons

  • your child is struggling academically, expresses that he/she does not want to go to school, is having difficulty relating to his/her peers, or any other area of concern.

  • you are in need of information, strategies or resources.